Aaru Report for WD Ext HDD 1021 2002

USB characteristics:
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Product: Ext HDD 1021
Vendor ID: 0x1058 (Western Digital Technologies, Inc.)
Product ID: 0x1021 (Elements Desktop (WDBAAU))

SCSI characteristics:
Vendor: WD
Product: Ext HDD 1021
Revision: 2002
Device is connected and supported.
Direct-access device
Device claims to comply with ANSI X3.351:2001 (SPC-2)
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ECMA standard
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ISO/IEC standard
Device does not support asymmetrical access
Device supports only ST clocking

Device has 18446744073321609216 blocks of 512 bytes each
Device size: 18446743875083042816 bytes, 18446743 Tb, 16777215.82 TiB
Device supports READ CAPACITY (10) command.
Device supports READ (10) command.

SCSI extended vital product data pages:
EVPD Contents
EVPD page 00h Undecoded
EVPD page 83h SCSI Device identification:
Identifier belongs to addressed logical unit
Inquiry descriptor contains:
EVPD page C1h Undecoded
EVPD page C2h Undecoded