Aaru Report for Conner Peripherals 121MB - CP30126 2.42

ATA characteristics:
ATA device
Model: Conner Peripherals 121MB - CP30126
Firmware revision: 2.42
Supported ATA versions: ATA-1
Parallel ATA device:
Logical sector size: 512 bytes
READ LONG sector size: 519 bytes
Cylinders: 762
Heads: 8
Sectors per track: 39
Sectors addressable in CHS mode: 237744
Device size in CHS mode: 121724928 bytes, 121 Mb, 116.09 MiB
Bytes per unformatted track: 26400
Bytes per unformatted sector: 660

Device is fixed
Device transfer rate is > 10 Mb/s
Device is hard sectored
Device is not MFM encoded
Rotational speed tolerance is higher than 0,5%
Head switch time is bigger than 15 µs.
0 KiB of dual ported multi sector buffer with read caching
Device capabilities:
Long Physical Alignment setting is 1
Command set and features:
Security is enabled
Security is not locked
Security is not frozen
Security count has expired
Security level is maximum
Supports enhanced security erase
0 minutes to complete secure erase
0 minutes to complete enhanced secure erase
Master password revision code: 0

Device supports READ SECTOR(S) command in CHS mode
Device supports READ SECTOR(S) RETRY command in CHS mode
Device supports SEEK command in CHS mode
Device supports SEEK command in 28-bit LBA mode