Aaru Report for HP C5683A C005

SCSI characteristics:
Vendor: HP
Product: C5683A
Revision: C005
Device is connected and supported.
Sequential-access device
Device claims to comply with ANSI X3.131:1994 (SCSI-2)
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ECMA standard
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ISO/IEC standard
Device is removable
Device supports 16-bit wide data transfers
Device supports synchronous data transfer
Device supports linked commands
Device does not support assymetrical access
Device supports only ST clocking
Device supports MODE SENSE (6)
Device uses a write cache

SCSI mode sense pages:
Mode Contents
MODE page 02h SCSI Disconnect-Reconnect mode page:
2000 µs maximum permitted to assert BSY without a REQ/ACK handshake
65536 bytes maximum can be transferred before disconnecting
Data transfer disconnect control is not used
MODE page 0Fh SCSI Data compression page:
Drive supports data compression
Data compression is enabled with DCLZ
Data decompression is enabled
Last data read was uncompressed
Report exception on compression is set to 0
MODE page 10h SCSI Device configuration page:
Active format: 8
Active partition: 0
Write buffer shall have a full ratio of 0 before being flushed to medium
Read buffer shall have an empty ratio of 0 before more data is read from medium
Drive will delay 0 ms before buffered data is forcefully written to the medium even before buffer is full
Medium supports block IDs
Drive reports setmarks
Drive will pre-read until buffer is full
Drive generates end-of-data
Drive does not use compression
MODE page 11h SCSI medium partition page:
1 maximum additional partitions
0 additional partitions defined
Device may erase any or all partitions on MODE SELECT for partitioning
Partitions are defined in megabytes
Device is capable of recognizing both medium partitions and format
Medium has defined 1 partitions
Device recognizes one single partition spanning whole medium
MODE page 1Ch SCSI Informational exceptions control page:
Informational exceptions are disabled
MODE page 3Eh Unknown mode page

SCSI extended vital product data pages:
EVPD Contents
EVPD page 00h Undecoded
EVPD page 01h FRU 1 fail. Brain Dead.
EVPD page 02h FRU 2 fail. Brain Dead.
EVPD page 03h FRU 3 fail. Brain Dead.
EVPD page C0h Undecoded
EVPD page C1h Undecoded